Continuing Legal Education

Join Alaris from the comfort of your own desk! Our complimentary webinar series provides Continuing Legal Education credit hours. For more information, or to register for our upcoming webinars click here.

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Experts in complex dispute resolution

Whether established by the Courts or by consent of the parties to assist in overseeing litigation, the appointment of a special master for complex, technical, highly contentious or discovery-intensive disputes can provide efficient resolution of matters that would otherwise consume the Court's limited judicial resources.

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The full-service support you need during your mediation or arbitration.

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Our Neutrals

Our Neutrals 

We manage a panel of qualified neutrals with a range of expertise. 

We work with an expert team of arbitrators and mediators who are prepared to professionally settle your formal or informal dispute outside of the courtroom. Our panel consists of distinguished trial attorneys and retired judges from across the country, with various areas of competence so you can choose a decision maker with expertise that mirrors the nature of your dispute. 

Fee Structure

Fee Structure 

Affordable and Convenient 

Our ADR services include the use of Alaris facilities and conference rooms, complimentary snacks and beverages, document handling and exchange facilitation, administrative support and more – all at a reasonable fee for each party. 

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