Our highly-qualified and experienced panel of special masters is here to serve you.


Experts in complex dispute resolution

Whether established by the Courts or by consent of the parties to assist in overseeing litigation, the appointment of a special master for complex, technical, highly contentious or discovery-intensive disputes can provide efficient resolution of matters that would otherwise consume the Court's limited judicial resources.

Our Services

Our special masters understand their role in providing:

  • Fair, consistent and reasoned legal analysis
  • Respect and accessibility to the parties
  • Expeditious rulings and orders
  • Prompt, regular communication with the Courts

We will provide assistance in monitoring compliance with discovery orders via the following:

  • Scheduling regular hearing dates
  • Administering settlements
  • Facilitating document exchange
  • Coordinating case management for multi-district litigation
  • Providing all court reporting, including realtime reporting, videoconferencing, audio visual and other support services

As a full-service dispute resolution administrator, Alaris® facilitates meetings and hearings conducted in state-of-the-art conference rooms. With 8 office locations and over 250 service partners, we will conveniently support your special master proceedings nationwide.

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