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Online Dispute Resolution through Videoconferencing

Alaris® ADR offers online dispute resolution (ODR) for all mediations and arbitrations. Over the past year Alaris® ADR has confidentially handled hundreds of online mediations and arbitrations, in addition to those proceedings with a hybrid of in-person and remote participants. Alaris® neutrals are trained and proficient in facilitating online ADR. Alaris® offers professional staff who will assist you with the entire process. Additionally, Alaris® ADR provides demos for law firms and clients to ensure the ODR session runs smoothly and all participants are confident in the process. At Alaris®, we are uniquely situated to offer you and your clients peace of mind to navigate your case through online videoconferencing. 

The breakout room feature within our videoconferencing platform offers the same level of privacy and confidentiality you can expect from an in-person mediation. These virtual rooms are very effective, and parties can be joined from anywhere in the world once they enter the secure meeting. Document and screen-sharing capabilities offer a convenient and accessible option for mediations and arbitrations. Parties are able to offer exhibits into evidence, annotate, save documents and play a video or
Power Point presentation.
Alaris® also offers technical assistance prior to and during online dispute resolution proceedings.

Other virtual options are available, please contact us for options and pricing.

Online Mediation Overview

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This short video briefly outlines the benefits and security of utilizing online mediation services.

Technical Assistance

Alaris® offers technical assistance prior to and during online dispute resolution proceedings.

For more information, please contact us.


Virtual Mediation and Online Arbitration benefits:

  • Safety - Given the current state of the world and overarching health concerns, online mediation is the safest option for conducting a mediation, keeping the parties socially distanced from one another. Further, emotions often run high between litigants, and online mediation ensures they will not see each other or be located in the same space.
  • Convenience - A mediation online can be held anytime and anywhere with the appropriate internet access on a computer, tablet or smartphone.  Barriers based on time zones or borders disappear as online mediation offers the flexibility of mediating with people located anywhere in the world, including the neutral.
  • Cost effectiveness - There are no travel costs associated with an online mediation. This can save hundreds of dollars in airfare, car rental, meals and hotel stays.
  • Comfort - Through videoconferencing, the parties can remain at home or in a comfortable location. This alleviates the hassle of traveling to an unknown office, dealing with traffic and parking, etc.
  • Disability compatible - Many clients with disabilities or injuries struggle to attend mediation in-person. Our online mediation videoconferencing solution allows these parties to attend without the need to travel, which can create unnecessary stress.
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Complimentary Demonstration Available

Please email or contact Jennifer Matthew at 314.365.7230 to schedule or request a tutorial. 

We are happy to answer your questions and offer tutorials for those who are unfamiliar with how the platform functions.

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