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Arbitration Process

Arbitration is a private process to resolve a dispute where the arbitrator or panel of arbitrators hear evidence and argument and render a final decision, this is called an award. The process is similar to a trial with relaxed rules of evidence.
Generally, parties enter into a contractual arrangement which contains an arbitration clause or provision. When a dispute arises amongst the parties to the contract the arbitration clause lays out the rules surrounding said arbitration.  Alternatively, parties may seek to resolve their dispute through arbitration, especially during the current pandemic when a jury trial setting may not be plausible in the next six months to a year or longer.

When parties contact Alaris® they are provided with our Arbitration Rules which lay out the various requirements for arbitration.  The parties file their arbitration with Alaris and each party will submit a questionnaire which will be reviewed by the arbitrator or panel of arbitrators. Alaris® facilitates an initial meeting or hearing between the parties and the arbitrator. All discovery or pre-arbitration issues will be discussed, and a schedule is frequently outlined leading up to the arbitration. Alaris® offers arbitrations in-person, on-line or a hybrid of both. Each arbitration is unique, and we work with the parties to facilitate their needs. 

Arbitration benefits:

• More cost effective than a trial
• Obtain results faster than a trial
• Flexibility
• Relaxed evidence rules
• Choice of arbitrator or arbitrators, both sides have trust in abilities
• Ability to control outcome, example is a high-low agreement

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