We are your support, your extra set of hands.

From the Latin word for auxiliary troops. We are Alaris® ADR Services. 

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Why it matters 

We are more than an arbitration and mediation company. 

Since its inception in 2010, Alaris® ADR has gained a reputation throughout the community of providing an excellent program that is efficient, affordable and staffed with experienced administrators. 

Our panel of neutrals consists of distinguished trial attorneys and retired judges. With seven office locations throughout the Midwest, Alaris® ADR can accommodate your mediation, arbitration, or special master proceeding in comfortable and spacious conference rooms. 



Our Reach 

National and international coverage
from the heart of the country. 

Special Masters

Special Masters

Our expert panel of special masters is available to assist in overseeing litigation and quickly resolving complicated disputes.

special masters

Alaris® is proud to partner with Titus Transportation to offer our St. Louis clients discounted rates on local transportation. 

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